Here are some things I've shot. Look around and enjoy.



imdb in the vault poster.jpg

In the Vault Season 1

1/2 Hour Series. Thriller/ Mystery.

A thriller for those of you who like drugs, sex & murder mystery.

Created by Ben Epstein.

Shooting this was a challenge and a blast. The look is such a big part of this show and it pushed me to explore darkness like I never had before.

imdb still.jpg

Play By Play Seasons 2 & 3

You remember The Wonder Years? It's like that, but funnier, takes place in the 90's and people swear. We shot 2 seasons of this show on location in Iowa.

Created by Kevin Jakubowski

This show is extremely well written and adept at shifting from comedy to drama and back to comedy. It kept me on my toes. 

CVNT5 Logo.png

CVNT5 Season 1

A mockumentary that follows the journey of the DJ group CVNT5.

Created by Gareth Emery, who is a hugely popular DJ in his own right.