Sleep like a god.


Before there was Jack and the Beanstalk, there was Defessus. 

In this commercial, we will explore the famous tale of Defessus, the man who brought Nectar to the people.

We see a world of overly-tanned and overly-blonde gods & goddesses living in the clouds. Their hair blows in the wind and their oiled-up muscles glint in the sun. They lounge around, eating grapes, lifting golden weights and congratulating one another on being fantastic. 

We push past some of the gods and land on a lowly, humble servant as he serves grapes. This is Defessus. 

One day, after a particularly long day of servanting, Defessus notices something odd with the gods. Their hair begins to droop and their muscles seem to deflate. He overhears a god say, "Time to get some Nectar."

Defessus asks others about this Nectar, but he is chided for asking questions. "You are a servant, they are gods. That is all you need to know."

One night, Defessus decides to explore. He wades through the Land of Clouds to find himself standing in front of the Cave of Rest. From the cave comes the frightening sound of loud growls. Defessus pushes through his fear and sneaks into the cave, where he discovers.... Gods & goddesses sleeping soundly and snoring like only gods can. 

Hiding, Defessus watches a god get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. This is his chance- Defessus quietly sneaks over to the empty mattress and puts his hands on it. It is the softest thing he has ever felt. As he feels this amazing mattress, Defessus notices something strange- his hair starts to grow long and blonde!

"This must be Nectar."  

With no time to think, Defessus grabs the mattress and drags it out of the cave. He makes his way back to the Land of Clouds. A couple servants awake to see him, "What have you done?" Before he can answer, the booming sound of a god's voice is heard, "Someone has stolen the Nectar of the gods!" Gods come rumbling toward him.

This is when Defessus becomes legend. Defessus grabs hold of the mattress and leaps off the edge of the clouds.

Sitting on his mattress, Defessus falls through the night sky. Eventually, he lands on Earth. Breathing hard, Defessus is exhausted. He falls asleep on the Nectar mattress. 

In the morning, when he awakes, Defessus is different. He has become a golden god. (cheesy effect of his head placed on a strong, tanned body)

On the horizon we can see a city. "I must bring this Nectar to the humans on Earth. From this day forward, we shall all sleep like the gods."