Nectar Mattresses. Possibly too comfortable.

Campaign Series

In this campaign series, we explore the potential dangers of owning a Nectar Mattress and their extreme level of comfort. These spots essentially serve as Warnings. 

I am presenting Four Spots from this series.

  1. Disaster Part I: Rainstorm

  2. Disaster Part II: The Fire

  3. The Couple

  4. The Giveaway


A Nectar Spokesperson speaks directly to camera.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 12.16.45 PM.png

In a Wes Anderson-type of bedroom set, a Woman prepares for bed as a TV gives a weather update.

“This should be a record breaking rainfall, so make sure to—“

She turns off the TV, climbs into bed and shuts off the light.  Out the window we see a surreal night sky.  Storm clouds gather, thunder and lighting strike.  It rains harder and harder.  A tree branch hits her window, breaking it open and rain pours in. 

Our Nectar Spokesperson sloshes in, wearing wading boots.  He crouches right next to the mattress, the Woman softly snoring beside him.  He lifts the bed cover and explains…

“Unlike most mattress companies, Nectar uses organic cottons specially milled and loomed to breathe.  It circulates fresh air every time you move, giving you a perfect temperature sleep.”

The water level rises and lifts the Woman and her mattress off the bed frame.  They float out the door.

Spokesperson, “Uh oh.”

We see clouds part and the sky becomes clear.

We cut to a Close Up of the Woman, still sleeping soundly. 

We pull back to reveal that she is floating in the middle of the sea.

-- As one final end beat, perhaps she wakes up refreshed and our Spokesman offers her a mug of coffee from his rowboat.--

"Nectar Mattresses. Possibly too comfortable."


As a Man sets his alarm and climbs into bed...

We slowly move down, past the floor, into the kitchen.  We see that a Stovetop Burner has been left on…  A rag suddenly catches fire.

We come back up to the bedroom, which slowly fills with smoke.  A Nectar Spokesperson walks in, wearing a Fire Suit. 

“At Nectar, we use a full quilted layer of gel memory foam.  Other companies avoid this due to cost, but we consider it a mandatory addition for your comfort.”

Out the window, flames rise as smoke fills the room.  Spokesman,

“Sir- Sir, can you please wake up?  Your house is on fire.”

The man brushes him away,  “I’ll do it later…”

Spokesman,  “Okay, I’m gonna get out of here.” He scurries out.  Smoke & Flame overtake the image. 

We open back up on a burned wreck of a house.  Shocked Neighbors & Firemen look on.  There is movement in the burned wreckage as the Man, totally charred, wakes up.  He yawns and stretches his arms.

“Oh man, that was an amazing night of sleep.”


THE Couple/ The Attraction

An attractive couple at dinner.  There is a palpable chemistry between them.

Their eyes tell the whole story.  We follow their gazes, their small touches.

“Let’s get out of here.”

They linger by one another as they get into the car.  Small kisses, touches, the sounds of their breathing.  They can barely hold back as they enter the house. 

They stand on either side of the bed. They slowly remove their clothes.  They stand in their undergarments, savoring the anticipation. 

Finally, it is time.

They crawl toward each other, but something is wrong.  They slow down.  Their eyes start to droop and they start to lose focus. The distance between them is growing… They reach for one another, but can’t… quite… reach…

They collapse. 

The room is filled with discarded clothing and the sound of snoring. We see this attractive couple now snoring away, dead asleep.

Almost made it this time.


THE Giveaway

A short documentary.

Our Spokesperson is on a bus, talking to the camera.

“At Nectar, we believe that sleep is one of the most important parts of life.  In fact, we’re so committed to making sure you get a good night’s rest that we decided to give a whole town free mattresses!”

We follow the Nectar Team as they unload and deliver free mattresses to every family in a small town. 

The townsfolk talk about their old, lumpy mattresses.  It’s very touching to see everyone getting excited about their new Nectars.

Spokesman, “We’re going to come back in a week to see how you like your new mattresses and how your new nights of sleep have enhanced your lives!”

The Nectar Team drives off, waving goodbye to the small town.

“Well that was amazing.  Felt so good.  I’m really excited to come back and talk to everyone about their sleep.”

One Week Later.

The Nectar Team excitedly returns to the Small Town.  Spokesperson steps off the bus and looks around. There is no one there.

The whole town is empty.

The camera crew and Spokesperson walk around the apocalyptic streets, shouting, "Hello?"

After some investigating, they look into the window of a house and see a couple sleeping peacefully. They check another house- also sleeping. They realize that the entire town is asleep.

"Well... I guess we should let them sleep."


With nothing else to do, the Nectar Team makes their way back to the bus.


*Note: I'm still working on this concept, particularly the end. It needs something more. Perhaps some of the town is on fire?