Nectar the Mattress Hero.

This series of spots focuses on Nectar, who is a superhero... and also a mattress. 

The Problem: A lack of sleep leads to irritability, depression, stress & much more. 

The Solution: Nectar the Mattress.

These spots examine the link between a lack of sleep and its many negative side effects.

We will visit scenarios in which someone is being short-tempered, feeling stressed, driving tired, etc. We will not only show how a lack of sleep affects the sleepers, but also how it affects those around them- family, co-workers, friends. 

Once we have illustrated the problem, Nectar steps in.

Nectar's mission is to get these victims immediate rest, so he is aggressive. Some people he wins over quickly, while others put up a fight. In the end, Nectar always wins. He pulls them down on top of himself, where they immediately fall into a restful, peaceful sleep. 

Once Nectar subdues these poor, exhausted people, he slides away, the person fast asleep on top of him.

As he slides, we look down at him as Nectar explains some of mattress's finer features. Beside Nectar's face is the face of our sleeping victims, snoring away. 


The tone of these spots starts off very real. We are in the real world, in common settings. Everything is normal until Nectar steps in. 

Nectar himself is an odd character. All he wants is for people to get proper rest. But there's something.... off about him. Like the Axe Chocolate Man (, Nectar is slightly unnerving to look at.

As Nectar pulls the overtired victims to the ground, the tone shifts more toward the eerie, but still playful. Think of the Oompa Loompas from Charlie's Chocolate Factory. It feels like it's for kids, but something is off- darker, creepier.

A large part of this will be Nectar's makeup and performance, while another will be Nectar's movement. When Nectar slides away (victim on top of him), it will feel unnatural. Look at the video samples below to get a sense. 


Old Mattress.

  • A Grouchy Man in a coffee shop complains about the long wait. Nectar comes in and wrestles him to the ground. The Grouchy Man starts to snore as Nectar slides away, calmly explaining the beauty of a Nectar Mattress.
  • A Tired Woman drives her car, fighting hard not to fall asleep. She comes to a stop light and Nectar pulls open the door (pulls off the car door?) and pulls her out. She falls asleep and Nectar slides off, down the road. Some people get out of their cars to watch the bizarre occurrence. 
  • An Older Man rubs his sore back as he prepares for bed. Nectar slides in and starts to shove over the Old Mattress. The Old Mattress puts up a fight. "He likes me the way I am! We've been together for years!" Finally Nectar wins and the Old Man goes to sleep and ages backwards several years... even decades. 
  • Tired Employees are snatched up by Nectar. He slides away, into the elevator.