Other Ideas.

  1. How Do They Do It? 
  2. Documentary on Climber.
Photo by AndreyPopov/iStock / Getty Images

How Do They Do It?

An exploration of the Nectar Mattress process.

Nectar Mattresses are extremely comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that some people think there's something fishy going on with the construction. 


This series is similar in design to a Cheez-It campaign (videos to the right) where kids explain how they think Cheez-Its are made. 


A Couple at a diner, an Employee at work... Various people talk about the amazing nights of sleep they've been getting since purchasing a Nectar Mattress.

"I wonder what they put in them to make them so comfortable?"

The lights around them dim as the mood shifts.

"I'll tell you how." An Old Man, who clearly doesn't belong, appears in the corner. 

Nectar Theories.

This is where we hear (and see!) the crazy theories that people have regarding the amazing sleep you get on a Nectar Mattress.

  • "I've heard they go deep into the rain forest and gather Fairies in jars. They then trap these Fairies in Nectar Mattresses where they are forced to sing enchanted lullabies every night."
  • "I heard that the Engineers at Nectar wait out in the middle of the woods until they get abducted by Aliens. They make one of the Aliens fall in love with them and teach them how to use their advanced technology. Then the Engineers steal the technology and come back to Earth with it, breaking the poor Alien's heart."
  • "I heard they create a rip in the space-time continuum and travel to a parallel dimension. They search around for a Leprechaun hunter and hire him. Together, they capture a Leprechaun and then take him out for a night on the town. They get him drunk until he vomits. They take that vomit and fill Nectar Mattresses with it. That's why it's so soft."

After we've heard these conspiracies, a Nectar Spokesperson corrects them and explains some of the actual designs, functions & features: Organic cottons, breathable, bed bug resistant, fully quilter gel memory foam, foam holds five patents, forever warranty, free shipping & returns, etc.

The Crazy Old Man/Woman dismisses it and fades back into the shadows.


The Climber: a Documentary

A short documentary profiling the famous mountaineer, Jörgen Söva. 

He talks about his methods, why he climbs, etc.  We see footage of him around his home, preparing his climbing gear, etc.

“Climbing makes me feel as though anything is possible.  You look up at these beautiful, giant mountains and you think, ‘No one could climb that. That would be impossible.’

“But then you go and you start. One step at a time, and eventually you are there.  One step at a time.  That’s all it takes to conquer the impossible.”

We see footage of him traversing wild, beautiful mountain terrain. 

"It is grueling work.  Exhausting.  Health is important.  Eating well, exercising and, most important, sleep.  You must be well rested to push yourself to these limits.

"That is why I bring my Nectar with me when I climb."

We now see new footage of him as he climbs through intense wind and snow... dragging behind him a Nectar Mattress. We see various images of him climbing with the mattress dragging or dangling below.

At the end of the night, he makes the bed and climbs on. The weather is brutal, but he just sleeps and sleeps.