I was on a podcast and it was delightful. Give it a listen if you want to hear about my history as a film nerd. 

The Earliest Show

This wonderfully weird branded series I shot with Ben Schwartz, Funny or Die & Cap'n Crunch was an online hit. They even released an hour-long blooper reel!


A commercial I shot for Visa & Über with director Charles Hood where I finally got to use Master Primes (lenses I've had a crush on for many years).

Echo Lake

Rave reviews of Echo Lake, a feature I shot with director Jody McVeigh-Schultz.

Watch This Space Film Mag names Echo Lake one of its Top 10 indie films of 2015.

Battleship Pretension - "Very authentic...Stunningly shot. The magnificence of the scenery is used to its full effect."

OneFilmFan.com - "Gorgeous cinematography, fluidly leading the viewer from scene to scene, is seamless and the shots at the lake and surrounding areas are breathtakingly beautiful and serene."

Off to the Films - "A pleasurable redemption story... Echo Lake is beautifully shot, with scenery choices and cinematography that simply blow you away."

Watch This Space Film Magazine - "One of the strongest dramas of the year... Writer/director Jody McVeigh-Schultz’s film has a haunting edge and a narrative that... feels fresh and original... The landscapes of California play a large part in the film’s ability to contain a personal drama within an epic canvas, beautifully captured by cinematographer Andrew Rydzewski."